How to

Save your colorization work

After you open an image in CODIJY, save it as an MGD file.

MGD file is the proprietary format of CODIJY Documents

CODIJY documents store your all your work for later editing. You can also use them to share your work with fellow colorists or ask for help with difficult colors.

We recommend creating a CODIJY document right after opening an image in CODIJY, as this will enable the program to automatically save the results of your work in it!

Table of Contents

Let’s start with what information the CODIJY document stores.

What is CODIJY Document

CODIJY documents have the MGD extension. They contain all the changes you make when working on an image.

Along with original image, MGD files store masks [1], used colors [2], personal watermarks [3] and the document name and description [4].

Once you have saved the colorization as a CODIJY document, you can return to edit it at any time.

Save file as CODIJY Document

There are three ways to call the Save Document dialog box from the main window:

Option 1. Click Save icon,
Option 2. Select File -> Save Document,
Option 3. Press Ctrl S/⌘S.

Next, name the document and save the file in the desired location.

Manage the Autosave function interval

After saving an image opened in CODIJY to an MGD file, the program starts automatically saving all changes in it at specified intervals.

The Autosave function may slow down the program performance!

If you notice that at some point the program starts to slow down, you can increase the interval between saving the document. For this:

Call the Preferences  and open the Tools tab. Locate the Autosave Document every: checkbox under the Other Settings.

Locate MGD files using Project Explorer

You can quickly open the saved CODIJY Document using Project Explorer – the built-in navigator for MGD files. When enabled, the Project Explorer opens, each time you launch CODIJY.

To open Project Explorer from the main window, click .

Then go under the Documents. By default it displays the thumbnail previews of all saved MGD files on your disk in the chronological order. 

To search for CODIJY documents by their location, switch to Folder view at the bottom of the dialog. 

You can also run a search or sort MGD files by creation date using the icons at the bottom of the dialog box.