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Meet CODIJY Interface

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Customize Interface

Click the Open Library button next to the drop down list:

Open libraries in the new window

Click & hold the header of the window. Drag it to the new position until the frame will show the place to dock it.

Reposition dialogs

1. Open Preferences: click    or press Ctrl+K (Win) /Cmd + K (Mac) 

2. Tick Enable Main Menu  at the bottom of the dialog

How to enable top menu

1. Open Preferences: click    or press Ctrl+K (Win) /Cmd + K (Mac) 

2. Open the Tools Tab:

3. Select a new layout

Switch interface layout in CODIJY


There are two options to switch the missing element on:



How do I add colors to a black & white image?

Drawing Masks: Tips & Tricks

The Pen tools let add, remove and protect colors. Read Guide:

Outline the areas with the colors of your choice. Read guide:

You can draw any shape that would allow the program recognize the boundary. Read Guard.

Learn how to protect original colors of the photo areas. Read Guide:


You can remove colors with the help of the Decolor pens. Read Guide:



How do I open, save my work & export preview to an image?

Video overview

Watch an overview of the main tools and features

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video guides

How to generate a color preview?

Generate preview for the whole image

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generate partial preview

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Instant Preview mode in Pro

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