Dabble into the world of photo colorization. CODIJY Recoloring has everything you need to convert your photos into vibrant, realistic colors!

Available for Windows, Mac & Ubuntu

Colorized by Tim Wager

Learn to


If you look seek the tool to start your adventure in the world of photo colorization, CODIJY Recoloring is what you need!

2-3 Photos to Learn

... with comprehensive tutorials and step-by-step instructions!  

1-2 Hours to Colorize

... though these hours are flying fast when you dive into creative process!

Lifelong Creative Adventure

... as colorization can be extremely addictive, if you admire old photos! 

Complete Color


CODIJY Recoloring packs in all essential tools and is built on top of the cutting edge technology! 

Awesome tech

Natural, realistic results guaranteed

Complete Tools

All essential drawing & color picking tools included

27 Color Libraries

Ready color palettes are always at hand!

Plus laptop device

It's more fun than the coloring books we had as kids.

Publicity shot from the “Reach for the sky”. Colorized by Dave Davis.

Focus on


CODIJY Recoloring takes away the hassle from colorization. 
It’s elegant interface and well-thought-out workflow let fully concentrate on “playing” with colors!  

Plus laptop device



Make use of complete colorization Pens, advanced Color Picker, HSB Repaint, as well as the selected pack of Color Libraries, Color History and more!  

Color Picker

Select colors visually or using the keyboard

Color History

Instantly refer to the recently used colors

27 Color Libraries

Pick colors for portraits, natural objects and materials. 

Drawing Tools

Add, protect and remove colors with four pens 

HSB Repiant

Adjust Hue, Saturation and Brightness of masks 

Gradient Settings

Compose and edit your own gradients

Three Man. Colors by Tim Wager



Colorizer, USA

For those looking to join the world of black and white colorist with minimal knowledge, this is the software for you... Within a few days of practicing and following the tutorials, you'll be coloring with the pros. I highly recommend this product.


15-day trial

Try the magic art of photo colorization with CODIJY Recoloring! Explore all its features for 15 days absolutely risk-free! Create superb colorizations and save them to CODIJY documents (*mgd files) without limitations.