software for creative photo colorization


Standard licenses

Commercial license

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USD 79

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CODIJY License terms

All licenses are perpetual. You can register and use the CODIJY software on 2 personal computers.  

Lifetime upgrade protection

We release regular updates and upgrades. All future versions will be provided for free download in-app and from our website.

Standard vs. commercial

The Standard license permits home use of CODIJY software. If you plan to offer paid photo colorization services, select a Commercial license.

Colorizer Pro Recoloring
Drawing Tools golden tick golden tick
Export/Import Strokes (Masks) golden tick
Advanced Color Picker golden tick golden tick
Color Libraries 100 27
Gradient Templates golden tick
Create/Export/Import Libraries golden tick
Add Colors & Gradients to Libraries golden tick
Color Capture Tool golden tick
Gradient Capture Tool golden tick
Color History golden tick golden tick
Export History to Library golden tick
Advanced Repainting golden tick golden tick
Full & partial Image Processing golden tick golden tick
Instant Preview Mode golden tick