How to

Captuter Colors

In Colorizer Pro, you can match colors for your image even faster, when you have a color example at hand. 

The Professional version of CODIJY features the Color Capture tool that let you copy colors from a color image into the Color Picker.

The Color Capture dialog is your principal tool when it comes to recreating historically accurate colors. All you need is a photo of the original object.

How to open the Color Capture tool

You can open the Color Capture tool from the Color Picker window.

The Color Capture tool icon is located next to the HTML number filed in the Color Picker.

CODIJY will open the Color Capture dialog box. First, open a color image of your choice.

To select color move the cursor over the place with the desired tone, and click to select it.

Use the preview on the right to select a pixel of the desired tone. 

You can zoom the preview 2 to 8 times to see details in pixels.

Color Capture tool and repainting objects

Apart from using Color Capture to select colors for the next mask, it is really handy to pick colors during repainting.

After selecting the mask with the Group Repaint Color Picker , open the Color Capture tool and copy the necessary tome.