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Get Started

We recommend that you start exploring CODIJY technology with this comprehensive guide and two starter tutorials. They explain all aspects of colorization process in CODIJY software step-by-step. 

Get Started Guide

Learn to add, edit, remove colors in CODIJY. Tricks of drawing masks. Start-to-finish instructions. Ready example.

Resources & Guides

Trouble shooting

Please make sure that you:

  • Copied & Pasted Your Serial Number
  • Restarted the application after you clicked Register in the registration dialog. 


If this does not help please send your serial number to us and we will check it on our end!

Please install CODIJY under Administrator role. If the problem persists, please contact us. 

What Happened? You may have occasionally disable toolbars and windows or changed the layout. 
To bring all tools back:
  • Switch Layout under Tools Tab in Preferences

Switch interface layout in CODIJY

  • Reset Toolbars

Reset interface elements

You can also enable individual interface elements



CODIJY is very demanding on the amount of installed RAM. And unfortunately, the lack of RAM in some cases can lead to crashes.
In simple terms, the more RAM you have, that its the better.
We are working on eliminating these problems, but you also can help himself.
The tab “Undo & Temp files” in application preference contains two checkboxes for that:
– “Dump Undo/Redo data onto disk”
– “Enable Undo/Redo data compression”
“Dump Undo/Redo data onto disk”: This allows CODIJY dump undo/redo operations on the disk instead of keep it on the RAM. It may help save more RAM for the other tasks (for example for the processing), but it’s slowdown undo/redo operations.
“Enable Undo/Redo data compression”: This allows CODIJY compresses undo/redo data, which also allows saving more RAM.
Depending on the state of “Dump Undo/Redo data onto disk”, it compresses data in RAM or when it dumps it on the disk.
I do not recommend enabling both of them because it may significantly slowdown undo/redo operations, but enabling one of them may help you if your computer does not have much RAM.
Drawing tools will grey out, when the Result Pane is active in the Split View. To enable them, just click over pane with the Editor.