How to

Tune CODIJY Workspace

Colorizing your photos requires maximum concentration. 

To reduce your distractions, we've made the CODIJY interface customizable for specific tasks.

Before you start adding masks, we recommend that you

  • close unnecessary panels,
  • place the tools you need at your fingertips,
  • open and place the necessary libraries at hand.

For better visibility you can also, change the brightness of the interface to a convenient level.  

Table of Contents

Re-arrange interface elements

For compact placement on a small screen, dock windows on the right sidebar can be tabbed:

To make the panels hidden under tabs easily accessible:

  • bring them to foreground
  • leave them float over the work area
Change position of the dock windows

To bring the required panels to the foreground:

Pull the dock windows by their header to a new location on the right or left. 

The black frame will show up to indicates available spot on the toolbar.

Let the dock windows float above the work area

If you release the mouse button before the black frame appears, the window will remain floating above the work area. 

Pull the window by the corner to resize it!

Change position of the toolbars

You can change position of the toolbars in exactly the same way.

Pull the toolbar by its header to a new location. 

Unlike floating windows you can dock toolbars to the left or top sidebars!  

Alternatively, you can drop the  toolbar over the work area. 

Restore position of the toolbar and windows

Option 1. To restore position of all of the toolbars and windows: 

Step 1. Call the context menu over an empty toolbar area. 
Step 2. Select “Reset all toolbars and floating windows” 

Option 2. To restore position of a floating window click the icon next to the cross.

Open Libraries on the floating windows

Before you start, open all of the necessary libraries in the floating windows.

To open the library in the floating window:

Step 1. Choose the Library from the drop-down list. 
Step 2. Click on the open sign next to the field.

Adjust Interface Brightness

Besides organizing the comfortable position of the interface elements, you can increase/decrease the brightness of the interface. for this:

Step 1. Open Preferences  (Ctrl K/Cmd K)
Step 2. Move the UI Gamma scroller left or right.

Adjust Interface Brightness

Enable interface scaling for 4k screens

If you use Windows computer with the 4k monitor, enable the HiDPI support to make the interface fonts appear in normal size. 

Step 1. Open Preferences (Ctrl K/Cmd K).

Step 2. Check the HighDPI support checkbox in the lower left corner under the GUI tab.