How to

Navigate and Zoom

Zoom and navigate the image using corresponding tools or Navigator. 

When you navigate or scale image in one view (Editor or Result) same happens in the second view.

If you wish to work out the details at pixel size and still view the result at the original size:

Disable/Enable Synchronization by clicking icon next to the view tabs or in Navigator.

Navigate the image

You can use the Hand tool or the Navigator tool to navigate through the image. The latter allows you to navigate while in edit mode.

To move up and down the image in the Editor, click the image and use the mouse wheel!

Zoom in and out

Option 1. Select the Magnifying Glass tool, click the area you want to enlarge, and move the cursor to the right. To zoom out the area, move the cursor to the left.

Option 2. Select the desired zoom using the drop-down list or scroller in the Navigator.

Option 3: Click the area you want to zoom in on the thumbnail preview and use the mouse wheel.