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our community brought to life


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Life scenes colorized by Tim Wager and Lennie Liverwurst

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Add colors to your best-loved images with surprising ease! Simply outline different areas with your chosen colors! 

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Pick colors on the fly. 100 Color Libraries offer an extensive choice of colors & gradients for appearance, outfits, landscape features street life and many more. 

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14 000+ Curated Colors

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Immerse yourself into history.  Explore every detail, when reconstructing the colors for complex, finely detailed scenes.


Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. Colorized by Dave Davis

Perfection in every pixel

Industry-leading colorization algorithms realistically reproduce any surface and texture for your chosen colors, making the colorized result shine with life!

Actress Jean Simmons. Colorized by Bernie Watts

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Lennie Liverwurst, Photographer, Australia

After discovering colorizing last year and, joining the CODIJY Facebook page, I decided this would be my next major project. With the current Covid 19 crisis, I thought “no time like the present”.

I purchased CODIJY last Sunday and started learning Monday. It was trial and error but it has been immense enjoyable pleasure. I hope with practice, my work will measure up to all of your great work.

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Image Source: Library of Congress. Restored and colorization by by Tim Wager.