CODIJY Colorizer Pro

Delight Yourself with a Thrilling Journey Back in Time!

Group portraits colorized by Tim Wager

Ground-breaking Technology

Bring Past to Life with Magic Strokes

CODIJY presents a quick, intuitive colorization process. A few simple strokes will let Colorizer Pro realistically reproduce any surface and texture in your chosen colors.

Pixel-perfect precision

Explore Every Historical detail

Smart border detection ensures precise colorization of the small elements, helping you to restore every detail of  complex historical scenes.


Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. Colorized by Dave Davis

Robust Features

a creative time machine

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of days long gone! Enjoy every moment of this creative adventure, thanks to the  comprehensive colorization toolbox of Colorizer Pro!

Add colors with Ease

No layers or complex controls. It takes a few moments to pick colors and apply them with the quick contours and lines!

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Pick colors Like a Pro

100 thematic libraries, composed of 14,000 curated colors help  locate the best color matches on the fly!

Live Portrait technology

Use gradients to apply realistic colors to the faces with just one stroke. Capture natural color transitions from the color photos.     

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Edit colors on the fly

Instantly edit colors of the strokes! Adjust their Hue, Saturation and Brightness on the spot with smart HSB Repainting tool. 

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Real-time Previews

CODIJY offers a unique opportunity to preview colorized result in the real time, in the process of adding and editing colors!

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Colorized Family photos, historical images, movie frames 

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Image Source: Library of Congress. Restored and colorization by by Tim Wager.