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our community brought to life


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CODIJY Colorizer Pro

Take an incredible journey back in time with this fab software for artistic photo colorization!

1913. Washington Fire Department. Colorized by Tim Wager


Dive into the past

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of days long gone thanks to the amazing art of photo colorization. Explore places and scenes down to the tiniest details.  


a creative time machine

With a variety of thematic color libraries, must-have tools and the well thought-out workspace of CODIJY Colorizer Pro, you will enjoy every moment of this engrossing adventure in time! 

 The portrait of a girl – colorization by Dale Conrad, a keen colorizer and enthusiastic member of the CODIJY community. 


As fun as coloring books

The intuitive technology of magical strokes is perfect for amateurs and beginners. No layers or complex controls! Just outline areas of the photo with matching colors and let CODIJY do its magic!

Reach for the Sky Colorization Masks Dave DavisReach for the Sky publicity shot Colorization Dave Davis

“Reach for the Sky” – publicity shot colorized by Dave Davis,  CODIJY user and a devoted member of our community.  

immense, enjoyable pleasure

Lennie Liverwurst, Photographer, Australia

After discovering colorizing last year and, joining the CODIJY Facebook page, I decided this would be my next major project. With the current Covid 19 crisis, I thought “no time like the present”.

I purchased CODIJY last Sunday and started learning Monday. It was trial and error but it has been immense enjoyable pleasure. I hope with practice, my work will measure up to all of your great work.

A wedding photo (1948) from the family photo album. Colorized by Lennie Liverwurst

 The family image colorized by Lennie Liverwurst, an inspired member of CODIJY community.  


perfection in every pixel

Experienced artists will appreciate how CODIJY technology simplifies the colorization of fine details. Its top-notch colorization algorithms apply colors neatly and precisely, potentially making a colorized image look totally realistic!

Witley Court Colorization Masks Phil JohnsonWitley Court Color Reconstruction Phil Johnson

Restoring the colorful splendor of Witley Court

Phil Johnson,
a CODIJY enthusiast, exploring England’s historical builings. 

I wanted to be able to recreate the scenes as they would actually have appeared with completely naturalistic colours and toning. CODIJY Pro appeared to provide me with what I wanted and I have been extremely pleased with it.  

It was not important for me to be able to complete colourisations quickly or automatically, but it was essential to be able to complete them accurately, with colour control available down to individual pixels if necessary. 


Creative freedom

CODIJY gives you the artistic license to apply your personal style. Just look at these different color versions of the same image, colorized by our community members during a friendly challenge.
Image source: Shorpy.com


14 000+ Colors

Pick colors like a breeze from 100 thematic Color Libraries. 

  • 26 Appearance & Outfits
  • 30 Nature & wildlife
  • 20 Streets & Buildings
  • 15 Materials & Food
  • Space & Solar System
  • Colors & gradients
  • Add colors & gradients
  • Create Custom Libraries
  • Export History to Library
  • Export & Import Libraries
Thematic Libraries in CODIJY
Bennington, Vermont. Image source: Library of Congress

I used the new library for the iris colour. Impressive and subtle range of colours. I may never use some of the colours, but the fact that they're there makes experimenting so much easier. With my own more limited library, I'd spend ages adjusting colours until I got what I wanted.

Dave Davis, CODIJY User

100+ tools & features

Pro Color Picker

Pick colors from the palette, keyboard or directly enter HEX values.

Color history

Re-use recent colors and gradients. History saves with the document.

HSB Repaint

Adjust the Hue, Saturation & Brightness of each stroke on the spot!

de-color pen

Convert photo areas to grayscale with the simple Decolor Pen tool.

Protect colors

Protect areas you do not want to change with the Color Protection Pen

Gradient Pen

Add more than one color to a single area with the help of smart Gradient tech.

It's more fun than the coloring books we had as kids!

Larry Clarici, CODIJY User
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enthusiastic community

CODIJY shares your love for history and appreciation of the past. Our technology is designed to make your first steps in colorization, easy and enjoyable. We are proud that our informal colorization project has grown to 2 millions of images colorized by hundreds of thousands of inspired history lovers from 160 countries worldwide. 

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Dave Davis

Brentford FC

Brendan Nevin


Luiz Adams Coehlo

US Streets

Tim Wager

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Image Source: Library of Congress. Restored and colorization by by Tim Wager.