How To

Change Layout & Enable Toolbars


CODIJY interface may not look the same on the screens with large and small resolutions. Layouts allow the program to fit all critical tools onto your screen. If you find that any elements are missing, please refer to the below instructions.

Customize Layout

You can restore Default layout, pick a new layout, enable top menu and change its brightness in Application Preferences ( or press Ctrl+K (Win) /Cmd + K (Mac))

Switch Layout

Open the Tools tab. Select new layout, then press Apply. If the layout fits you, click OK.

Switch interface layout in CODIJY

Enable Main Menu

How to enable top menu

Adjust Layout brightness

Adjust Interface Brightness

Reset interface Elements

Reset interface elements

Enable Interface Elements

Access the list of missing elements by calling the context menu over the empty toolbar area.

Alternatively, navigate to View-> Dock Windows/ Toolbars and enable the missing elements there.

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