How to

Enable Interface Elements

You can enable/disable CODIJY interface elements with just a few clicks.

Table of Contents

Disable/enable toolbars

To enable/disable toolbars, go to View -> Toolbars and select the desired item:

Here are the names of some of the toolbars:





    Import/Export Masks

Disable/enable dock windows

You can re-enable dock windows from either main menu and the context menu:

Option 1: In the Dock Windows menu under the View menu.
Options 2. In the context menu called above the empty toolbar area.

Enable History

To work with colors saved in the History of tutorial files:

Step 1. Right-click on the empty toolbar above the right sidebar
Step 2. Check the History checkbox and drag the History window to the top of the right sidebar

Restore position of the toolbar and windows

You can return all interface elements to their original position using the Restore All Toolbars and Windws command of the context menu.

Change layout

CODIJY sets the layout to match your screen resolution. You can change the layout of the interface with a couple of mouse clicks in Preferences.

Step 1. Go under Tools in the Preferences 
Step 2. Select a different layout. Click Apply and OK.

Switch interface layout in CODIJY