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Tools & Features

See how the advanced toolset of CODIJY Colorizer Pro compare to the core features of CODIJY Recoloring. 

No Layers or Complex Controls
80+ Special Tools & Features
14k+ Colors on 100 Subjects

(*) Pro portrait Tools

(*) Speed up the coloring of scenes


Colorizer Pro



Pro - Colorizer Pro Tools

Core - Recoloring Tools



Colorization Toolset

Manipulate image colors with ease.

Advanced Tools

Core Tools

Color Libraries

Ready palettes for different themes and subjects



Advanced Import/Export Options

Import/export of colors and strokes

Pro Portrait toolbox*

Takes portrait colorization to the next level



Complete Highly-Detailed Scenes Faster *

Colorize highly detailed interiors and cityscapes faster



View full table on tablet or desktop*

Color Manipulation: tools, Techniques & Masks

Stroke-Based Technique

Manipulate image colors by applying simple strokes

Customizable Brush Width & Drawing Mode

Set pens to draw in line or curves of a selected width

Pen Tool to Apply Color Masks

Apply new colors with the strokes of the chosen hue

Apply Color Transitions with the Gradient Pen

Recreate natural gradients with a single stroke

Protect Original Hues with Minimal Effort

Keep the original hue of one or multiple areas

Convert Areas to Grayscale

Remove hues with discoloration masks

Normal/Overlay Masks

Switch between opaque and transparent masks

Quick Draw Shortcuts

Draw complex shaped masks much faster

Export/Import Masks

Save and open masks in other documents as CMSK files

Import Mask from a Small to a Full-Size Image

Imported masks adjust their scale accordingly

Import Akvis Strokes

Import strokes added in another program

Color Libraries

Ready-Made Color Libraries

Ready Palettes for various themes and subjects



Face/Appearance Palettes

Skin Complexation, Hair, Eyes, Lips, Teeth etc.



Outfit/Accessories/Uniforms Palettes

Fabrics, Military Uniforms, Furs, Jewelry and more



Vehicles/Cityscape Libraries

Car paint, the paint and texture of other street objects



Nature/Landscape Libraries

Sky, Foliage, Water, Ground, Wildlife Colors and more



Create New Libraries

Create New Libraries

Organize colors into your own Libraries

Export Document History to a New Library

Save the color palette used in a document as a library

Import/Export Libraries

Save and share libraries as *CML files of CODIJY Libraries

Color Picking

All-in-One Color Picker

Pick colors in a variety of ways from a single location

Match hues in RGB, HSB, Lab, YUV spaces

Use related palettes or keyboard

Use Color Numbers

Enter the HTML number of the selected shade

Auto-Accept Colors

Set tools to accept the selected colors automatically

Capture Colors from Color Images

Copy shades from color images with Color Capture tool

Add Colors to Custom Libraries

Save selected hue to a custom Library

Manage Gradients

All-in One Gradient Settings

Preview, compose, edit, capture and apply gradients

Compose & Edit Gradients

Add/remove colors. Edit shades. Adjust transitions.

Capture Live Gradients

Copy multiple colors with transitions from color images

Gradient Templates

Use ready-made gradients on various themes

Add Gradients to Custom Libraries

Save selected gradients to custom Libraries

Repainting toolbox

Pipette & Bucket

Select colors and fill strokes with new shades

HSB Repaint Tool

Call the HSB parameters for any stroke

The Group Repaint Color Picker

Select multiple strokes to repaint them at once

Generate Preview

One-Click Preview Generation

Generate full image preview with a click on the button

Partial Processing Dialog

Select the area for which to generate a preview

Instant Preview Mode

Set the program to generate preview in real time

Automatic Conversion to Grayscale

You can obtain the B&W copy of the image with a click

Set Preview Quality

Reduce preview quality for the in-progress results

other codijy features

Color Reproductions

Automatic Border Detection

Ensures clean, accurate borders between the objects

Realistic Color Reproduction

Reproduces objects in new colors realistically

CODIJY Document

Cross Platform File Format

Proprietary file format that let's save work

Save Image & Masks

MGD files save masks along with the original image

History of Used Colors

Saves colors & gradients used for each document

Add Author Details

Save info about the photo and colorist with the image

Enable/Add Author Watermark

Control the size, opacity and position of the watermark

Autosave CODIJY Document

CODIJY saves your work to an MGD file automatically

Set Autosave Intervals

Change autosave intervals to prevent slowing down

Project Explorer

Access to Examples

Navigate MGD files included into the program

Search CODIJY Documents

Locate CODIJY Documents saved on your drive

Thumbnail/Folder Views

View recent files as thumbnails or browse all MGDs by folder


One step Undo/Redo commands

Go one step backward and forward using standard tools

Undo Stack

Navigate the undo commands for the current document

Navigation and Zoom

Image Navigator

Zoom and navigate the image without quitting editing

Arm & Zoom Tools

Zoom and navigate image using standard tools


Editor/Result Views

Views for editing original and previewing result

Split View

Open Editor and Result side by side

Disable View Synchronization

Zoom and navigate editor and Result independently


Manage Toolbars and Windows

Enable/Disable, Reposition Interface Elements

Open Library in a Floating Window

Open one or several palettes in the compact view

Pre-Defined Layouts

Layouts help fit all elements into your screen

Adjust Interface Brightness

Control the brightness and other interface parameters

Export to Image Formats

Export to Popular Image Formats

Export result to JPEG, PNG TIFF and other image formats

Set JPEG Quality

Increase/reduce JPEG output quality

Support for original DPI

Choose to export image in original or custom DPI


Cross Platform File Format

Open MGD, CMSK, CML files across supported platforms

Ready Examples

The pack of source files of ready colorized examples