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CODIJY Colorizer Pro

CODIJY Recoloring


Professionally colorize portraits and scenes of any complexity faster. 

Create same wonderful colorizations with core tools.


Specialized tools & features facilitate and speed up photo colorization. 

Enjoy all tools & features that are the key to the efficient colorization process.  


In addition to its core colorization toolbox CODIJY Colorizer Pro features:

  • Instant Preview Mode,
  • Advanced set Color of Libraries,
  • Custom Libraries
  • Color & Gradient Capture
  • Import/export masks

CODIJY Recoloring offers complete drawing tools including:

  • 4 pens with settings
  • Basic set of libraries
  • Color Picker & Color History
  • Advanced repainting options
  • Full & partial Image Processing
Edition Colorizer Pro Recoloring
Drawing Tools checkmark checkmark
Export/Import Strokes (Masks) checkmark
Advanced Color Picker checkmark checkmark
Color Libraries 100 27
Gradient Templates in Libraries checkmark
Create/Export/Import Libraries checkmark
Add Colors & Gradients to Libraries checkmark
Color Capture Tool checkmark
Gradient Capture Tool checkmark
Color History checkmark checkmark
Export History to Library checkmark
Advanced Repainting checkmark checkmark
Full & partial Image Processing checkmark checkmark
Instant Preview Mode checkmark