CODIJY Recoloring & CODIJY Colorizer Pro are editions of CODIJY colorization software.

Basic version of CODIJY. Create awesome colorizations with little knowledge. 

Core Toolset.
27 Basic Libraries.

Top version of CODIJY. Colorize portraits. Save time on large scenes. 

Extended toolset. 
100 Advanced Libraries

Absolutely. CODIJY Recoloring and CODIJY Colorizer Pro are both built on top of the same set of cutting-edge colorization algorithms that ensure precise, realistic colorization

CODIJY Colorizer Pro features extended set of color libraries for face, hair, eyes etc. Its advanced Gradient features including the Gradient Capture tool allow you to copy the natural color transitions from the color images and recreate them in your photograph with a single stroke. 

CODIJY Colorizer Pro facilitates colorization of highly-detailed scenes in several ways.  First it speeds up color selection thanks to the extended libraries and the use of the Color Capture tool. Second it removes distractions throughout colorization process with Instant Preview. Third, it simplifies color editing when it goes about repainting multiple elemements at once. 

The masks import/export feature in in Colorizer Pro will save you a lot of time.  Downsize your image in any photo editor.  Then add masks to the small-size version – this will cut the time on generating in-progress previews. When your work is completed,  export masks to the CMSK file and import this file into the CODIJY document with the original image. Now generate the preview for the final version.  

Core Tools Available in both Editions

Both editions share same awesome colorization technology and all essential colorization tools that allow you to add photo colors with surprising ease!

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Advanced tools in Colorizer Pro

CODIJY Colorizer Pro features the extended set of 100 Color Libraries. Also, you can build your own libraries, capture colors, gradients and preview color result in real time.

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Compare Features Side by Side

Colorizer Pro Recoloring
Drawing Tools golden tick golden tick
Export/Import Strokes (Masks) golden tick
Advanced Color Picker golden tick golden tick
Color Libraries 100 27
Gradient Templates golden tick
Create/Export/Import Libraries golden tick
Add Colors & Gradients to Libraries golden tick
Color Capture Tool golden tick
Gradient Capture Tool golden tick
Color History golden tick golden tick
Export History to Library golden tick
Advanced Repainting golden tick golden tick
Full & partial Image Processing golden tick golden tick
Instant Preview Mode golden tick