How to Register

CODIJY Software

You can register CODIJY Colorizer Pro and CODIJY Recoloring in 3 easy steps:

Open Registration Dialog

Enter the License Key

Restart the Program

How to register CODIJY

Run CODIJY.  The Registration dialog will pop up:

Trial Users!

You can open the Registration dialog from the program's window, as described on the right!

Step 1.

Copy and paste the License Key:

License Key consists of the 56 symbols!

If your License Key is printed, note that:

1. Zeros and Os may look alike;
2. Same applies to L, I and 1 .

Step 2.

Click Register. 

CODIJY will ask you to restart application:

Step 3.

Restart CODIJY. To complete registration:

Open any photo & perform a few operations

Generate preview

Your CODIJY program is registered!

If after a few seconds the watermarks don't show up on the result the registration went successfully!

How to register during 15-day trial?

During the 15 days of the trial period, you can open the Registration dialog from CODIJY window:

Option 1.

Click the “Key” icon on the toolbar:

Option 2.

Go to About -> Register

Option 3.

Call the program’s About using the logo:

Click the “Key” in the lower right corner:

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Your license permits registering your copy of CODIJY program on 2 of your personal computers. for this:

  1. Install CODIJY.
  2. Open the Registration dialog as described above. 
  3. Paste the key from your purchasing email and complete required steps.

If you have installed CODIJY on two computers and now want to transfer the program from one of them to the new one, you will need to uninstall the program from the machine on which you no longer plan to use the program.

If registration fails, please send us the whole or part of the key and we will do our best to find and send you the correct key.

Potential Reasons:

#1. ERRORS: 99% of all failed registration attempts are caused by errors. CODIJY keys are long and may contain similar characters such as “1” and “I”, zeros and “O”.

SOLUTION: If you received your serial number by e-mail, we strongly recommend using the Copy & Paste command. If you purchased the boxed version of CODIJY with a printed license key, make sure all characters are correct.

#2. WRONG EDITION: Make sure you have downloaded and installed the correct edition of CODIJY. There are two editions Colorizer Pro and Recoloring.

#3. WRONG KEY: Make sure you have not copied any other number in your purchase email. The CODIJY license key consists of 56 characters excluding dashes and has the following format:

#4. OLD KEYS:  If you have purchased CODIJY before August 2015, please contact us and we will update your key.