How To

Edit Colors of the Strokes

If you are not quite satisfied with the colors of the generated result, simply adjust related tones or repaint the color strokes anew with the help of these two easy repainting tools.  

We recommend enabling the Instant Preview to run multiple color experiments without distractions. 

HSB Repaint

You can discover the perfect tone in seconds by  adjusting the Hue, Saturation and Brightness of the stroke.  

To call the color editing dialog over the stroke, enable the HSB Repaint tool  (H)  and click the stroke. If the stroke is thin, scale up the preview in the Editor.   

Here is what the HSB Repainting dialog looks like. 

Now drag the handles to Adjust Hue, Saturation or Brightness of the color.

Alternatively, use the arrows for a precise adjustment of the values. Then click outside the dialog to close it.

To discard the last changes, click the Restore Color button. 

Repaint Bucket

Make use of the traditional Pipette and Bucket tools, I you want to experiment with colors from the Color Libraries, History of Colors or the Color Picker e.g. use the ready HEX values from external sources.

Select the Pipette (C)  and pick a new color from the Palette, History or any Color Library.  

Then Switch to Bucket (R)  and click the stroke to repaint it.  

Colorizer Pro

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