CODIJY Interface

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Drawing Tools
Repainting Tools
Used Colors
Thematic Palettes
Undo History
Pick Colors
Edit gradients
Navigate the Image
Switch Views
Generate Preview


CODIJY interface offers a convenient workspace for quick and distraction-free colorization process. 


The layout of CODIJY interface varies for screens with low and high resolutions. Toolbars & windows in some layouts can be either de-acivated or hidden under the tabs.

You can change layout or enable toolbars and top menus manually.


Editor  the canvas that displays original image, where you are supposed to draw color masks.

Result  – preview of the resulting image generated after the program processes your work

Split View –  displays Editor and Result side by side. You may switch between portrait and landscape orientation of Split view.

 Switch views using Tabs  located at the bottom of the Work Area

Tools Toolbar 

  1. Arm Tool & Zoom 
  2. Drawing Tools: Pen Tool, Gradient Pen, Color Protect Pen, De-color Pen, Eraser.  
  3. Drawing Modes: Freehand & Line Mode
  4. Repaint Tools: Repaint, HSB Repaint, Color Picker Tool

Top Toolbars

  1. File toolbar: Open, Save Document  / Export Image 
  2. Undo Redo Toolbar
  3. Masks:  Normal & Overlay Masks
  4. Import Export Masks  to *CMSK files (Pro Edition Only)
  5. Brush size toolbar – sets size for Pens and Eraser Brushes
  6. Actions – Process Image /Partial Processing

Find the details the CODIJY interface, tools and dialogs in CODIJY User Manual.

Colorizer Pro

15-day trial

Try the magic art of photo colorization with CODIJY Colorizer Pro! Explore all its features for 15 days absolutely risk-free! Create superb colorizations and save them to CODIJY documents (*mgd files) without limitations. 

Explore all its features for 15 days absolutely risk-free! 

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(*) Watermarks will disappear from the colorized preview, after you open saved CODIJY documents in the registered version.