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Create CODIJY documents

The proprietary format of CODIJY documents – MGD – let you save your colorized projects with the image, masks and History for future reference.

create codijy document

To create and save a document:

  • Navigate to File -> Save Document
  • Click Save Document button on the Toolbar


Save document Menu command
Save document toolbar command

open a document

To open saved CODIJY documents or a document: 

  • Click Preview in the Project Explorer -> Documents
  • Click the Open icon in the Project Explorer (2) or on the toolbar (1).
  • Press CTRL + O (Win) /  CMD + O (Mac)
  • Navigate to File -> Open Document or Image

Modify Autosave intervals

CODIJY automatically save your work in progress to the related document. You can adjust the  intervals in Preferences ( Ctrl + K / Cmd + K).  

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Export to image

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