Repaint color strokes

Learn how to quickly change colors of the strokes. Watch video & read instructions:

Option 1.

HSB Repaint

To adjust the stroke color:

  1. Enable HSB Repaint  (H) 
  2. Click the stroke   

The HSB Repaint dialog will pop up. Drag the handles to Adjust Hue, Saturation and Brightness of the color.

Alternatively, adjust the values for each parameter. Click outside to close the dialog.

To discard changes, click the Restore Color button. 

recommended using with

Instant preview

Preview result in the real time during the color adjustment.  

Option 2.

picking a new color from the palette

Select the Pipette (C)  and pick a new color from the Palette or a Color Library.  

Then Switch to Bucket (R)  and click the stroke.  

Generate result

Press  to generate result.

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Instant preview

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