get started with codijy

Step 1. open an image

Open the image and get ready to colorization. 

Organize dialogs in a convenient way

step 2. set up interface

Learn how to organize a convenient workspace.

how to add, change & remove colors?

Get to know core techniques helpful for any colorization task.

video + tutorial + lesson

Colorization process

This basic example lets quickly get the idea of the colorization process in CODIJY. Choose between the 2-min. tutorial with a video and the start-to-to-finish version.  

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Useful tools

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how to enable instant preview

Learn how to set up and switch on the Instant Preview Mode to preview the colorized result in the real time. 

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Adjust mask color on the spot

Learn how to use HSB and Regular Repaint tools to adjust and repaint colors of the image. 

step by step lesson

how to colorize a portrait quickly

Learn starter-level tips and tricks of colorizing a portrait in CODIJY. Follow dietailed instructions with this training example: 

  • How to add masks to facial features, hair, etc?
  • Make acquaintance with portrait Libraries

video tutorial

capture gradients for portraits

Watch how to capture live gradients from the color images and apply them to the facial features quickly. this techniques allows to add multiple colors with a single stroke. 

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video tutorial

recolor image areas

Watch an example of using the protection pen to protect the photo areas from colorization. This allows you to recolor the unprotected areas.  

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