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meet codijy interface

CODIJY interface lets organize your workspace conveniently. 

CODIJY workspace with dock windows

Interface at a glance

When you open CODIJY all tools are to screen and easily accessible. 

Dock windows

Libraries, History, Undo Stack, Navigator, Gradient Settings and Color Picker should all be active, when you launch CODIJY for the first time. They can be positioned in two columns or hidden under tabs in the single-column layout. 

How to enable missing interface elements?

Learn about various layouts and how to enable missing tools, modify brightness and other workspace parameters. 

Set up workspace

Open libraries

Select the library and click the Open in the Floating Window button, next to the Library Selection box. 

Open libraries in the new window
Reposition toolbars

reposition toolbars

Click toolbar header and drag the toolbar to the new position holding the mouse button down. The frame will indicate available location. 

Reposition dialogs

Drag and drop the dialog boxes over the work area or move them to a new position in the dock area.  

Reposition dialogs

Drag Navigator

Position image Navigation & Scaling within the quick reach. 

use navigator

Navigator lets you scale and navigate the image, switch views and disable/enable sync between views without quitting the editing mode.