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USD 52

Level up your colorization routines

Less Distractions

Instant Preview lets you do without starting Processing every time you add or edit a stroke.

More colors

A wider selection of Color Libraries. Libraries include gradient templates. 

Custom Colors

Pick colors and gradients from the color images. Save them to libraries. 

Custom Libraries

Create or import Libraries. Export Document History to a new Library.  

Save time

Add colors to the scaled-down images. Then import strokes into their original versions. 

Colorizer Pro Recoloring
Drawing Tools golden tick golden tick
Export/Import Strokes (Masks) golden tick
Advanced Color Picker golden tick golden tick
Color Libraries 100 27
Gradient Templates golden tick
Create/Export/Import Libraries golden tick
Add Colors & Gradients to Libraries golden tick
Color Capture Tool golden tick
Gradient Capture Tool golden tick
Color History golden tick golden tick
Export History to Library golden tick
Advanced Repainting golden tick golden tick
Full & partial Image Processing golden tick golden tick
Instant Preview Mode golden tick