Draw Color & Decolor masks

Learn how to draw color & decolor masks in CODIJY. Watch quick demo & read instructions:

Step 1.

set up the pen

Enable Pen Tool Pen tool in CODIJY Colorizer Pro , switch to Line Mode  and adjust the brush size. 

Step 2.

Pick the Color

Navigate to the Library Tab and pick the related theme.

Pick a color. You can adjust it any time. 

Step 3.

Draw the mask

Outline the area from inside. Keep close to the boundary. Try not to draw over the border. The Line masks are better for outlining area with a regular shape. 

 Switch to the Freehand Mode (F) to draw curves. 

Pick a new color and add masks to the remaining areas. 

Step 4.

decolor areas

Select the Decolor Pen . Draw a contour inside the area that you wish to leave in grayscale. The decoloring mask will look like a patterned stroke  .

Step 5.

Generate Colorized Preview

To process the whole image click   on the toolbar or press Ctrl + R (Win) / Cmd + R (Mac). 

Navigate to the Split tab at the bottom of the screen to preview the Editor and the Result side by side.

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