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Dave Davis

Fascination with colourising

When I was a child, oh so many years ago, the world was a brightly coloured place yet, when I look at photos from that time, it seems so dull. Adding colour, for me, brings that past, and photos from long before I was born, into the present. People and places seem more real to me, not just vestigial footnotes from history.

Dave Davis

a family portrait

A couple of years before she died, in 2010, my mother gave me a suitcase full of photos. I started digitising them, and doing some repairs to scratched, torn and faded photos. While repairing a photo of my mother, sitting with a sister who died shortly after the photo was taken, I discovered that the software I was using had a brush that changed whatever you painted to whatever colour you chose, without losing any details.

1939, Gathering in the Methodist Hall, Looe.

fascination with colourising

Thus was born my fascination with colourising. Once I’d done all the family photos I could find I moved on to local history, then history generally, including film and television.


Then health problems kicked in, threatening to curtail my hobby. Glaucoma in both eyes which, even after successful treatment, left me feeling eye strain very quickly, and arthritis prevented me from holding a pen or mouse for long periods.

Which is where Codijy came in. I had already used a program that used a similar process of turning a few painted lines into blocks of colour, but the instability of that program was as bad as the arthritis!  Codijy has allowed me to work on even very detailed photos, giving me tangible results quickly, so I don’t get bored, even if I have to keep stopping to give my eyes and joints a rest.

About Dave Davis

Dave is the devoted colorizer and th member of CODIJY communiy since 2015.