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our community brought to life


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Luiz Adams Coehlo

The spirit

of the past...

I'm not an expert in that matter, but an amateur. I think it's unfair to keep images from the past in black and white and apps like CODIJY give us the oportunity to revive our ancestry in color.

Luiz Adams Coehlo


Luiz is a devoted colouriser who has made a huge contribution to “bringing history to life”. His consistent everyday efforts cannot be underestimated.

His dedication is admirable, as is his work!

Dave Davis, Fellow Colorizer, CODIJY User

All of us, pros and hobbyists alike, who are just “having fun with colour” form a kind of informal yet quite impactful project of popularizing and restoring the past, making the history snapshots available in colour and making those small historic details, otherwise overlooked, noticeable to the large audience of fans, helping them remember and understand not only the local but the world history and, more importantly,  the human side of it.


About Luiz Adams Coehlo

Luiz is a hobbyist colorizer and a devoted CODIJY user from Brazil.