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Vermont in Color


Tim Wager, CODIJY User & Community Member, US

Being a self described, self taught computer NERD with a need to try anything once, this is Tim’s new venture, the Art of colorizing historical Black & White images of his home town, Bennington, Vermont.

Palettes of the


Because I wasn’t around 120 years ago, the colors I used are my personal preference in what I envision they would have been. All colors used come from various color palettes of the era.

Vermont Country  Store Weston Common, Windsor, County 1959 | Chase’s Store, Townshend, VT 



Many of the images shown here are cropped from the original Black & White glass plate negative.

For years I kept passing over this one. The farm at Brattleboro Retreat 1910 in Brattleboro, Vermont.

 After that there is the research to create the proper era color palette. From there, it’s place headphones on head, crank up the volume and drift off Into the 19th – 20th Century.

This task is more than simply colorizing, it requires preparing the images by adjusting light levels, contrast, shadowing and eliminating haze. 

Original image was from a 1890's glass plate negative, start to finish took about 50 hours and one and a half bottles of Jack Daniels...

A few years of trial and error, and I’m off to colorize as many Black & White images as possible.

Telling the


1903 – Doctor Horatio Nelson Jackson of Burlington, Vermont becomes the first person to drive coast to coast  (San Francisco to NYC) in an automobile… Seated next to him is his mechanic, Sewall Crocker and a Pit Bull named Bud which they bought along the way…. Dr. Jackson made this journey after making a $50 bet that he could do the trip in less than 90 days…. It took them63 days and Jackson never collected his $50 from the bet….  


I would like to thank Callie Raspuzzi of the Bennington Museum for her constant help on this project.