colorizer pro

An awesome way to colorize

Colorization is a labor of love. Dive into the world of photo colors with the confidence that you will achieve high quality colorized results!

add, protect, remove colors


Add colors to the photo areas  


Refresh or change photo colors

remove colors

 Convert areas to greyscale

a complete color studio

Work on colors with the ultimate convenience! Instantly access needed tools and color palettes.

Intuitive technology

Draw contours and strokes over photo areas. The intuitive process makes colorization quick and simple regardless of the amount of details. 

Magic pencils

The four pencils allow to perform all key operations required for image colorization. 

classic pen

Gradient pen

decolor pen

Protect pen

Automatic Border detection

When you add colors to the adjoining areas, the program will identify and respect the common boundary, even if your strokes do not follow it precisely.  

pick colors like a pro!

Choose colors quickly from a huge collection of colors, or using the advanced color picking and adjustment tools!  

Color picking tools

Pick colors among 14 000+ curated suggestions or manually. Refer to the History for the recently used colors.

adjust colors on the spot

Instantly edit stroke colors with HSB Repaint!

thematic diversity

100 Color Libraries provide you with ready palettes for almost any photo subject. 

Create your own

add colors to the libraries

Export or import

export history to libraries


Gradients allow adding multiple color transitions with a single stroke, making colorization of portraits almost effortless!

Gradient Templates

Make use of the choice of the gradient templates to colorize portraits and landscape features. 

Use Gradients from Libraries

capture gradients

In most cases gradients are unique for each individual subject. Quickly copy gradients from a similar-looking color image, with the help of the Gradient Capture Tool.

instant preview mode

This unique feature of Colorizer Pro ensures an unparalleled creative experience. Enable Instant Preview and let the software generate colorized preview in the real time.

superb, realistic colorized results

CODIJY colorization algorithms automatically analyze and apply the matching tone of your chosen color for each pixel of grayscale. The result will beat your highest expectations!

Requirements & Support


Windows 7 or higher

Mac OS 10.13 or later


Image Formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF and other



Wacom tablets

Tablets running Windows


English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Slovenian, Czeck, Ukrainian, Russian

Start Colorizing with CODIJY Today! 

Packs in tutorials, lessons, training examples , User Manual