Colorize images with

robust tools

Sketch the colors

Mark the colors for each area with lines, curves, dots or whatever shape you prefer with the Color pen. 

as simple as pincil coloring

Quick-Draw hotkeys

rich choice of thematic colors

Pick or Capture custom colors

perfect transitions

Instantly reproduce natural color transitions of the facial  and landscape features with gradient strokes.

Superb colors with less effort

Add multiple tones at once

Choice of the templates

Gradient capture tool

Convert zones to b&w

The Decolor pen lets convert the B&W clothes, black cars, & steel parts into grayscale without hassle! 

Generate Color Preview

CODIJY automatically converts each grayscale pixel in the matching shade of selected colors. 

1-click preview generation

3 processin modes

Full image processing

Preview colors of the whole image

partial processing

Generate preview for the part of the image 

Instant preview

Enable real time image  processing

Supreme Realism

CODIJY identifies the borders of the adjoining areas and reproduces their surface and texture in your chosen colors with pixel-level precision. 

clean borders

realistic color reproduction

smooth transitions of shades

Instant Editing

Adjust Hue, Saturation and Brightness of color strokes on the spot!

Group repainting

Edit multiple strokes of the same color at once!

Repaint patterns in seconds

Edit backdrop colors at once

play with color scheme

Experiment with colors

Use artistic license to reproduce images in your own unique color style!

Protect Colors

If you want to edit colors of one or a few objects in the color photograph, cover the objects you wish to remain intact with Protection strokes and draw new colors.