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If you want to get acquainted with the colorizations of our users, ask a question, share your work or ask for advice, then welcome to our friendly community on Facebook!

We support new colorizers

We understand all the challenges that new colorizers face and are ready to support you!

Each of us used to be a beginner colorizer! That’s why we are perfectly familiar with your challenges and doubts! Don’t hesitate to share your works, ask for advice and give your opinion. Our community members will greet them with warmth and understanding!

Miguel Luis First Colorization Post

We share adviсe

With each colorization we make some artistic discoveries and gladly share them with each other!

The art of colorization has so many details concerning technique, color matching, historical research that it is simply impossible to embrace everything by yourself. Thanks to a good tradition of sharing our findings, all of our community members have the chance to expand their creative toolkit.

We learn from each other

Our community brings together colorists working in different styles, developing different historical and cultural themes and even using other tools.

After all, the diversity and the freedom of expression gives us unlimited opportunities to learn from each other, to develop and explore new facets of our own creative talent.  

This is quickly becoming my "go to" group when I visit Facebook not only to see what others are turning out for work but to have a simple chat and talk with others that share an interest in coloring. I belong to a few much larger coloring groups and there is little to no communication between the members other than the occasional "thumbs up, nice job" interaction.In here there are far less members but so much more talking and sharing. For us to come together over a simple photo of three men sitting on some steps and be able share with each other has been wonderful.In this crazy time that we are now in, shuttered away from each other, the fact that we are able to reach out to each other chat alittle and share in some fun means more than you'll ever know. We are not alone as long as we have this and each other, peace and be safe!

Nelson Cecchinato
Colorization Artist & CODIJY Community Member