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Requires: Mac OS 10.13 or later or Windows 7 or higher

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Explore CODIJY Colorizer Pro’s tools for 15 days. 

Requires: Mac OS 10.13 or later or Windows 7 or higher

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Colors by Luiz Adams Coehlo 

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A robust photo colorization software used by 130 000 of hobbyists and pros worldwide.

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Requires: Windows 7 or later | Mac OS 10.13 or higher

Get Colorizer Pro trial links by email. 


  • Robust colorization engine
  • Automatic border detection
  • 14, 000+ colors, 100 Color Libraries
  • Live Portrait technology
  • Preview result in real time


  • Simple even for a complete beginner
  • No layers or complex controls
  • You choose colors you like
  • Distraction-free captivating process
  • Best for portraits & detailed scenes
I bought CODIJY on Sunday and started on on Monday It's immense, joyful pleasure.
Lennie Liverwurst
Photographer Australia

video tutorial + lesson

how to add colors

Watch this 1 min. demo video to get the idea of colorization process in CODIJY from start to finish. You can follow it with a brief tutorial or an in-depth lesson. The photo example is available in the related Lesson. 

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How quickly can I colorize a photo?

From 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the photo, your preferred masking technique and your skills. In the beginning, everything from drawing masks to picking colors will present a challenge. After you make 3-4 photos, you may be able to colorize images in 1-2 hours, unless they have lots of details. Then, you may plunge into colorization process for days and even weeks.

Getting Started

Tutorials, guides, lessons and advice on getting started with CODIJY Colorizer Pro. 

First Attempts

The first results may vary, but they are always good enough for sharing with your fellow colorizers! Make sure to share your works – we will be happy to welcome your first attempt! 

You are always welcome to ask for comments or advice from our community members! 

Miguel Luis First Colorization Post

step by step lesson

colorize a portrait

  • How to add masks to faces?
  • How do I obtain the natural colors?
  • Why teeth may look unnatural and how to fix them?
  • How to add different facial tones?


How long does it take to learn colorization?

Most of our users are first-time colorizers. It generally takes a 2-3 photos to “get the feel” of colorization with CODIJY. Further practice will let you develop your skills and gain experience. Besides, we offer complete education resources and a friendly colorization community to communicate, ask for advice, and share your works. 


Master realistic colorization art with tutorials and training examples. 

make your first colorization in an hour!

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