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our community brought to life


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Brendan Nevin

Brentford FC

Reimagined hiStory

In September 2020 I will be releasing a book containing recoloured historical photographs of my local soccer team, Brentford FC.

it started with a family photo

3 years ago I found a photo of my father-in-law as a teenager in his military uniform. I thought it would be a nice idea to show his children what he would have looked like at the time. 

I searched for a recolouring application and discovered a trial for CODIJY.  The results were amazing and soon after I purchased the commercial licence and began experimenting.

After practising with family photographs I then turned to sports photos and set up a restoration and recolour sideline called Recoloured Memories. I also started a twitter feed called @beesincolour which gained a big following with requests for prints of my work.  

Bentford FC 4 Colors by Brendan Nevin

More on this project

Feel free to subscribe to follow Brendan on Twitter as well as check out the pre-order page of his book.

200+ recolored snapshots

I got in touch with the historians of my local soccer team and sent them some examples of my work. They gave me access to the archive of Brentford FC photos and we decided to embark on ambitious project of producing 200+ images to publish in a collection spanning the 1880’s to the 1980’s.

labor of love

It is a labour of love and I am working everyday alongside my full time job to produce acurate and moving images of times long gone by. The response to the project had been very positive and trial runs of the prints show the powerful results of the CODIJY tool.

Bentford FC 6 Colors by Brendan Nevin

About Brendan Nevin

Brendan is the local history enthusiast and colorizer from Brentford, UK.