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Let’s Colorize Your First Photo Using Our Step-By-Step Instructions

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Open Image

As you launch CODIJY Pro, the program suggests opening the Examples from the the Project Explorer. Select the black and white image of the girl with an apple. Project Explorer is always accessible from the toolbar.

Step 1. Select black & white image of the girl. Tip: Ac cess Project Explorer from the toolbar


Select Interface Layout

Recommended for users with laptops and lower screen resolution! CODIJY Pro offers the choice of layouts for higher and lower screen resolutions. You can always change the layout in the Settings -> Tools or adjust the dialogs and toolbars manually. Tip: To enable the top menu, go to Settings -> GUI-and raise the Show Menu flag

Step 1. Open Settings


Step 2. Open Tools Tab Step 3. Select layout and click the button to Reset all Toolbars

Set Up Image Preview

Previewing in-progress Result will be handy. Switch to Split View, generate first preview and disable Synchronize Zoom to preview Result in the original size. Note: Process the Image each time you want to apply changes

Step 1. Open image Step 2. Switch to Split view to preview Result


Step 3. Click Process Image to Generate Preview Step 4. Disable the Synchronize Scale mode

Set Up Pen For Solid Color Strokes

Let's draw your first strokes. We will cover trees, house,road, girl’s hear and closes with solid color strokes To draw them, click on the image in the Editor (on the left) and select the Pen Tool on the Drawing toolbar.

To draw with free hand or straight lines, choose the respective mode using the buttons below. Then, set the Pen Width to 2-3 pixels.

The Pen Tool color can be picked in the Color Picker on the right. To help you with color selection we provide the list of colors (scroll down to the next block). You can Copy them and paste into the field using the contextual menu.

Step 1. Select Pen Tool Step 3. Adjust line width


Step 2. Select Free Hand or Line mode Step 4. Paste respective color into the box

Use The Following Solid Colors

Click to enlarge the image. Use the Pen Tool with related HEX color from the list below to recreate the strokes close to the example.

Background Objects:

  • Roof: a3653c
  • Sky: aec2d8
  • Side wall: f5f2de
  • Front wall: f5f2de
  • The wall behind the trees: c1bfaf
  • Leaves: 202f0e
  • Grass on the right: 202f0e
  • Grass: 2b4b18
  • Road: 89735f

The Girl

  • Hair: d4c486
  • Bow: b2d9db
  • Cardigan: 26436b
  • Cardingan Button: 688d68
  • Overalls: 152600
  • Collar: c9ad41
  • Overall button: e2b003
  • Iris (pupil): d4dce9
  • Lips: ffb69f

Download TXT Get Library

For convenience, you can download HEX colors in the text file. Also, download and install Color Library with sample colors. To install the Library, click Import Library under the Library Actions.

Protect Black and White Objects

Use Protect Color Pen to protect black, white or grey scale objects from coloring. We have used color protection for the paths to the left and to the right from the girl, to make white stripes on the collar, and to protect eye whites and the eyes pupil.

Tip: To work on the eyes use Navigator to set zoom to 800% and move the navigation box over the eyes area.

Step 2. Switch to Free Hand drawing Step 3. Set the Line Width


Step 2. Switch to Free Hand drawing Step 4. Use Zoom in Navigator to zoom required area

Capture Gradient to Color the Face

Step.1 , Open Gradient Capture dialog from the Gradinet settings. Download the sample photo of the girl and of the apples. Open The Image in the dialog. Now follow the path we created on the image and make pins to capture colors, as you go. Than click Gradient Capture to complete.

Step 2. To draw gradient stoke, select Gradient Pen on the tool bar, make sure you are using the Freehand mode and click on the starting point of the mask. Try to follow similar rout. After you are done, process the image again. That's it!

Protect_Girl Protect_Girl

Hope You Had Great Time Colorizing Your First Photo! Need Our Help?

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