Save Your Work

How to open a photo in CODIJY? How to save your work with masks and used colors? Learn about supported image formats in CODIJY software. 

Open an image or document

To start working on a new colorization, open a PNG, JPEG, TIFF or the image of any other supported format with the help of Open Document or Image button in the Project Explorer or the toolbar.  Same button will allow you to open the CODIJY document (*mgd file) from your computer. Alternatively, you can navigate the Project Explorer window to locate and open ready examples and recent CODIJY documents using its visual manager. 

Create a codijy document

If you work on a new image, we recommend saving it to a CODIJY document  format immediately. This will allow CODIJY to automatically save your work in progress, including masks (strokes) and its History.  

Save document toolbar command
Save document Menu command