captivating colorization

Let’s take a walk through each stage of the colorization process from color selection to exporting the finished color result to your preferred image format!

pick colors

Any colorization starts with picking colors. In CODIJY software,  you can pick colors from the ready palettes called Libraries or, manually, using the advanced Color Picker dialog. Later, you will be able to refer to your recently used colors which are automatically saved in the document’s History.

Pick ready colors from the Library

Color Picker dialog

Pick recent colors from the History

Draw Color masks

Now, start sketching strokes and contours. Remember that CODIJY will identify the borders only if the masks are added to both neighbouring areas

We recommend drawing masks close to the area boundaries, use straight lines for large areas and curves for small areas with irregular shape.

Example of colorization masks in CODIJY

We recommend drawing masks close to the area boundary.

Use straight lines over large areas that have a regular shape.

Freehand strokes are quicker for working on fine detail.

Pressing Spacebar allows you to change direction when drawing straight lines.

Example of colorization masks in CODIJY

Generate colorized preview

Launch Image Processing

After adding the masks, start Image Processing to generate the full image result preview.  

Generate result preview

Obtain Colorized Result

If the image size is large, it may take CODIJY a little longer to generate the preview!

Image processing

Analyze the result

Generally CODIJY perfectly identifies and duly respects the border between areas, if you drew color masks on both sides of it. Still, it will be helpful to check the colorized result for potential flaws e.g. the areas, where the colors have spread across the border or wrong color choices. 

Colorized result preview in CODIJY

editing and adjusting colors

Add color strokes where the colors overlap

Add additional strokes

Draw additional strokes at places where the colors tend to spread across the border e.g. where the border is blurred. 

Repaint strokes

If you don’t like any colors, adjusting its Hue, Saturation and Brightness with HSB Repaint will be the quickest option. Just select the “Roller” from the Tools toolbar and click the stroke to call the HSB Repaint dialog. Play with controls and launch image processing to see if the new color is a better match. 

HSB Repaint tool

speed up preview generation

Process Image Areas

To speed up image processing when editing or repainting strokes, use Partial Processing. It lets you generate a preview of the area you are working on.

Call Partial Processing Tool

Preview Result in Real Time

The users of Colorizer Pro have a unique ability to  preview result in real time. To enable Instant Preview, follow the instructions in the User Manual. 

Enable Instant Preview