Glorious colors

Colorization is a labor of love. Dive into the world of photo colors with the confidence that you will achieve high quality colorized results!

Grace Kelly. Colorization of Chris Fahning . 

robust Colorization tech

CODIJY software is built on top of industry-leading colorization algorithms which analyze the matching tone of your chosen color for each pixel of grayscale. This allows the realistic reproduction of the surfaces and textures of even of most challenging photo subjects, including face and landscape features!

conversion to grayscale

Before launching the colorization process, the program automatically converts any image to grayscale. When necessary, you can use this feature to turn your color images into glorious black-and-white!

the difference from coloring

The intensity of grayscale in the original is the reference point for the entire colorization process. Unlike coloring, using a lighter or a darker tone of the same color will make little difference to the colorized result.

For details about CODIJY tools and features,  please read our online User Manual.