When working creatively, a distraction-free workspace is essential. With CODIJY you can organize your screen to keep all frequently used tools within hand’s reach.


All tools at hand

Organize all toolbars, dialogs and libraries in the convenient way!

CODIJY workspace with dock windows

pre-defined layouts

CODIJY interface may not look the same on screens with large and small resolutions. Different layout options help CODIJY fit all critical tools into your screen. For this reason, you may find some interface elements missing or in a different position. You can change layout any time. 

Default layout in CODIJY
Default layout

Customize Layout

You can restore Default layout or customize CODIJY interface in Application Preferences. Please find the visual guidelines under the tabs.

Switch interface layout in CODIJY

Switch interface layout in CODIJY

How to enable top menu

Adjust Interface Brightness

Reset interface elements

reposition interface elements

Open libraries in the new window

Open Libraries

in floating windows

Open one or several libraries in floating windows by clicking the Open in a Window button, located next to the Library Selection box. 

Change position of the toolbars

To reposition a toolbar, click its header and drag it to the new location. The frame will show up over available positions. If you drop it over the work area, the toolbar will remain floating.

Reposition toolbars
Reposition dialogs

Organize dock windows

Drag and drop the dialog boxes over the work area or move them to a new position in the dock area.  

Disable scale & navigation sync

Disable synchronization between the Editor and the Result views to zoom and navigate them independently.

Synchronize image scale and navigation

For details about CODIJY tools and features,  please read our online User Manual.