curated colors

Picking the right color can be challenging for new and experienced colorizers alike. Color Libraries in CODIJY offer you a reliable reference of natural and realistic colors.

Any theme or object

The huge choice of libraries allows you to find a palette for almost any theme or object on your photograph, from people’s appearance to the individual elements of their outfits and surroundings.

Color libraries in CODIJY

the list of themes

CODIJY Color Libraries offer a thematic diversity. Wherever necessary, we have provided popular variations of the same topic. For example, you will find libraries for all major types of skin complexion, seasonal foliage and varying weather conditions. 


Hair: Blonde
Hair: Ash blonde
Hair: Dark blonde
Hair: Red
Hair: Brown
Hair: Dark
Hair: Gray
Hair: Miscellanea
Eye: Iris
Eye: Whites
Eye: Shadows
Eye Brows
Complexion: Asian
Complexion: Afro
Complexion: Caucasian
Complexion: Pale
Complexion: Reddish
Complexion: Aged
Complexion: Tanned

Mustaches & Beard
Lips: Adult
Lips: Children
Lips: Afro
Lips: Make up
Clothes: Suits
Clothes: Fedora Hats
Clothes: White Shirts
Military: Camouflage
Military: Parade Uniform
Fabric: Satin
Fabric: Silk
Fabric: Curtain fabric
Fabric: Jeans
Fabric: miscellanea
Jewelry: Metals
Jewelry: Gems
Jewelry: Pearls

Leather Works
Photo Backgrounds 
Clouds: Sunlit 
Clouds: Stormy
Clouds: Clear
Clouds: Miscellanea
Sky: Clear
Sky: Sunset
Sky: Miscellanea
Grass: Fresh
Grass: Faded
Foliage: Summer
Foliage: Autumn
Foliage: Miscellanea
Fields: Green
Field Flowers
Forest: Pathway
Forest: Birds

Soil: Wet
Soil: Dry
Waters: Calm
Waters: Stormy
Waters: Sunlit
Waters: Ponds & Rivers 
Waters: Tropical
Desert: Sand
Stone: Mountain
Stone: Marble
Stone: Granite
Wood: Woodwork
Wood: Trunk
Roof: Tiled
Roof: Metal
Doors: Painted


Walls: Bricks 
Walls: Concrete
Walls: Painted
Walls: Stone
Walls: Painted
Car Paint 1920-30
Car Paint 1960
Metals: Raw Materials 
Metals: Ironwork 
Metals: Rusty
Glass: Clear 
Pets: Cats
Pets: Dogs
Solar System 

Libraries for White objects

Here is an example of how Color Libraries will help beginners and pros to improve their colorization results. Amongst others, the libraries include palettes for teeth, eye whites and white fabrics. Generally, we perceive these as “white” objects. 


However, under different lighting conditions these photo areas have shades of so many colors, that pure white just won’t work! If you encounter problems making such objects look natural, remember that these collections of useful color prompts are always at hand! 

libriries white color CODIJY

Colors vs gradients

Most libraries include colors and gradients. Note that gradients are unique to each individual photo, so use the templates as a starting point for your ideas. 

Colors and gradients in libraries CODIJY

make your own libraries

Create a custom library in codijy

Create a library

At some point, you may find it useful to start compiling your own color palettes. In Colorizer Pro, you can create as many libraries as you wish. The program saves them to a .cml file and lets you export your collections or import custom libraries shared with you by your fellow colorizers.

Save colors & gradients

To build your color collection, save colors and gradients using the quick-access operation in the Color Picker and the Gradient Settings. You can manually select or pick them from a color image with the help of the Pipette or the Gradient Capture tool.

save a color to a library
Save color history to a library

Export the History to a library

If you plan to use the palette from one colorization with other images, save the History directly to a new library. It only takes a moment and will provide you with a quality color reference for the future!


For details about CODIJY tools and features,  please read our online User Manual.