Face and landscape features can be so rich in tone and shade that applying a single color just won’t return a realistic result. Instead of adding multiple color strokes, try using the amazing gradient feature.

Gradient masks

Gradients neatly apply color transitions to the area underneath.

Freehand strokes are recommended when working on areas with complex surfaces.

You can modify each color and adjust color transitions in the Gradient Settings.

Landscape coloriztaion masks in CODIJYlandscape-colorized

gradients in color libraries

Color Libraries offer a choice of gradients for a variety of objects. These gradients were captured from selected photographs and provide a choice of quality multi-color options for beginners. Alternatively, you can use them as the templates for your own gradients. 

Use Gradients from Libraries

capture & use gradients

Gradients can work miracles for portraits. If you fail to locate a perfect gradient in the libraries, CODIJY Colorizer Pro lets you capture one from a similar-looking color image. To apply the captured colors to the same photo area,  just follow the same path when drawing the mask!   

Capture Natural Colors