World's Best Photo Colorization Software

Easily Add & Remove Photo Colors

CODIJY lets add, keep and remove colors using simple strokes.

Similar operations in Photoshop and other editing tools require more effort, extra steps and using multiple commands.

Add photo colors in CODIJY for Mac & PC

Robust Auto-Colorization

The best-of-breed algorithms will apply your color choices to the underneath objects with respect to their borders and surface.

Unlike auto-colorization based on machine learning, you remain in control of the colors and aesthetics.

Automatic colorization in CODIJY for Mac and PC

Pick Colors Like a Pro!

Pick colors from the palette, channel by channel or from selection
of 100 color libaries on the variety of topics.

Screen Poster

Instant Preview Mode

Preview result of you work in real time, as you keep adding strokes.

Instant Preview makes CODIJY unique among photo editors and colorization software.

Preview colorization result in real time in CODIJY

Live Color technology

Convey diversity of live colors with gradients. Capture live gradients from color photos.

CODIJY was the first to introduce gradients for natural coloring of faces and landscape features.

Add live colors to balck and white photos in CODIJY

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