Learn to colorize


Start with these two lessons. They will help you to get the feel of colorization, learn basic techniques and several useful secrets, take these two end-to-end lessons. 

a vintage car

Appx. 45 Min. Ready example.
Requires CODIJY Recoloring / Colorizer Pro

Follow colorization process from start to finish with this glossy example! Learn to draw masks, pick and edit colors. 

A portrait

Appx. 60 Min. Ready example.
Requires CODIJY Recoloring / Colorizer Pro

Learn simple way to colorize a portrait. In this lesson you will use libraries of facial features and work with gradients!


Discover step-by-step instructions on techniques and tools that will help you to take the most of colorization process in CODIJY software.

techniques codijy


Colorization process in CODIJY

add masks

Image processing

process image

Enable Instant Preview

instant preview

gradient capture

gradient capture


export to image


Experiment, make mistakes and look for solutions. Ask us and your fellow colorizers: we are always here to help! 

ask for advice

learn by example

join challenges

read discussions