CODIJY Pro trial allows you to use the software and all its editing tools for 15 days. But the result image will have PHOTO COLOR PRO trial watermarks.

To start using the full version, register the trial version in the Registration dialog. Type in or copy/paste your serial number into the field.

How to open Registration Dialog

You can access the registration dialog in 2 different ways.

Note: CODIJY Pro has different layouts, designed for various screen resolutions. In case, you don’t see the top toolbar and Main Menu at the top, check out this page.

Option 1: From the Toolbar.
Click the Key Icon. The icon is located at the top toolbar.

Option 2: From About

Go under About Menu and click Register

In the About dialog, click the Key button in the bottom right corner.

Activate on multiple computers

You are allowed to use the same serial number to unlock the full version of CODIJY Pro on 2 different computers. Simply, follow the above steps on each computer.