CODIJY Pro Preferences containS essential interface settings, layout selection, manage Undo and Libraries and more.

NOTE: the choice of pre-set layouts that should enable missing toolbars and menus is located under the tools tab.

Open Preferences

There are three ways to call Preferences Dialog:

Press CTRL+K (Windows) or Command+K (Mac)
Click the Preferences button on toolbar

Go under Tools -> Preferences
Hold down CTRL+K or Command+K


GUI tab hosts language selection, the color that will highlight Editor or Result in Split view, ability to make your interface color tone brighter or darker, and the Show Main Menu check box.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This tab provides the list of all shortcuts available for the platform your are on.

Tools Tab

In tools, you can set whether Color Picker tool will pick colors from masks (strokes) or entire image, change the layout and disable notifications and about new versions.


Settings tab lets set Image Processing Quality and JPEG export quality.

Undo & Temp Files

In this tab you can set the bath to the Temporary Files Folder and raise the flag that would dump the undo commands onto the disk. This will minimize memory usage, while working on the image but may slow down the Undo/Redo function.

Library Management

Under this tab, you can delete the libraries from the list.