Open & Save

CODIJY Pro lets open and save to proprietary files, as well the choice of popular image formats.

MGD - is the file format of CODIJY Pro documents. It stores the image, masks, color history and document description. MGD files are cross-platform and can be opened across all CODIJY Pro applications and supported platforms.

CML is the format of CODIJY Pro color libraries. CMSK serves storing the CODIJY Pro strokes (masks). Both file formats are also cross-platform.

Supported Image Formats

CODIJY Pro supports:

JPG - Joint Photographics Expert Group
JPEG - Joint Photographics Expert Group
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
PMP - Windows Bitmap
PBM - Pormable Bitmap
PGM - Portable Graymap
PPM - Portable Pixmap
XBM - X11 Bitmap
XPM - X11 Pixmap
TIF - Tagged Image File Format
TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
WBMP - Wireless Application Protocol Bitmap Format

Open Document or Image

You can open MGD document or image (CTRL+O on Windows, Command+O on Mac) from the Main Menu or from Toolbar.

To open from Menu go under File-> Open Document or Image

On Toolbar click Open Document or Image icon

NOTE: if you don’t see neither menu, nor top toolbar, find out how to change layout.

How to save your work to MDG document

Select File ->Save Documents or click the Save Document icon on the toolbar. Alternatively use the corresponsing CTRL+S on Windows, Command+S on Mac

Alternatively use the corresponsing CTRL+S on Windows, Command+S on Mac

How to save your work to image

NOTE: To save your work to image, you should process it to generate Result preview.

Option #1: To save the Result to image go under File -> Export Image

Option #2: Call the Export menu by holding down the Save to Document icon. After a second, the menu with 2 saving options will drop down.

Please read open and save instructions for CML and CMSK files at Libraries and Masks Sections.