Image Processing

In order to see the colorization result, you should process the photo. During processing, the program will apply the colors added in color strokes to the objects underneath. Until then, the Result view will remain empty.

If you launch image processing without adding color masks, the software will convert the image to grayscale.

CODIJY Pro applies colors with respect to object boundaries, only when you add different colors over different objects. If you add a single color or miss to specify colors for specific objects the program will colorized all objects withouts masks with colors from the closest strokes.

Processing Modes

There are three processing modes:

Full Processing
Partial Processing
Instant Preview mode

Full Image Processing

When you launch Image Processing, the program will process the whole image and display the small preview image.

To launch image processing click the Image Processing icon or press Ctrl + R on Windows or Command + R on Mac.

After the processing is over, the program will display the Result. So if you were in the Editor the Result Tab will be opened and all drawing tools will gray out. In Split view the Result Pane will get highlighted.

Partial Image Processing

Partial image processing lets you select and process the small areas you are working upon. This makes Preview generation quicker.

To open Partial Image processing dialog, click the toolbar icon or press Alt + R. Then select the area using the handles and minimizing/maximazing the selection box. THen click OK.

THe program will process the area you selected.