Color History

Each color or gradient used to create color strokes (masks) gets recorded to the Color History. Color History is saved when you save your work to the MGD document. You can also export your Color History to CODIJY Color Library (CML file format) and keep working with it, as one of your libraries.

The Color History Dialog is docked on the right side of the working window. Note: you can always enable/disables Color History dialog as described in Operations with Toolbars and Dialogs.

Edit Color History

You can delete colors from Color History one by one by calling Context Menu and clicking Remove.

You can remove all colors and gradients at once with Clear History

Convert Color History to Library

CODIJY lets save Color History of any particular colorization to the new library with Export to Library button:

Just name the new library and click OK. It will appear in the list of libraries immediately.