colorization magic masterclass

Session 1

Colorizing surfaces


Learn to make the colors of the non-flat surfaces or surfaces with shadows look right.  

Session Structure


mind the tone

Look at how the different tones of the same color have helped to underline the natural curve of the roof and added the contrast between the sunlit and shadowed parts of the wall. 

Learning to work with colors of the complex surfaces is crucial for your colorizations in the future! This technique will be potentially useful for working with faded photographs that lack contrast. 


the sunflower

Let’s study and practice working with a shaded surface using the flower petals as an example.

Training challenge

the parrot

Take this ready example and practice new skills by adding strokes of the dark tone to the feathers. Can you spot any other areas that require improvement? Try to locate them by comparing the colorized result to the color original on the right.  

Apply acquired skills

enjoy the flight

Pick one of the examples and apply your knowledge of color tones to the sunlit and shadowed areas. Click one of the images to access its full-size version.

Examples for self-practice

learn from the nature

Practice with furs and glossy surfaces. Can you find the way to make them look realistic?   

Click the image to access its full-size version. Note: make use of the following Color Libraries: Horses, Dogs, Waters, Fruit, Vegetables.

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