colorization magic masterclass

Session 2



Learn to masterfully colorize portrait with little effort.

Session Structure


two techniques

Portrait colorization is a true art. However, CODIJY technology offers a range of techniques to create realistic colorizations, even if you do not possess an artistic talent. In this session, we offer you to learn the quick color masking of the facial features and master the easy way of selecting natural tones. Together, these techniques will allow you to enjoy the colorization of portraits and obtain high-quality results without much effort.

Video Tutorial

drawing facial masks

Learn how to draw the facial masks with this beautiful example and step-by-step video instructions. 

Video Tutorial

picking the facial tones

This tutorial offers a quick, error-free way to pick the natural tones for the different facial areas. We’ve supplied it with the demo video and the ready example for self-practice. 

Examples for self-practice

colorize portraits

Reconstruct the colors of the portraits of these talented women. 

Click the image to access its full-size version.

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