capture & apply gradients

Learn how to capture and draw gradient masks. Watch the demo video:

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Step 1.

Enable gradient Pen

Enable Gradient Pen (G) .     


Step 2.

Open gradient Capture

Navigate to settings and open the Gradient Capture dialog (M).


Step 3.

Capture Gradient

Open a similar-looking color image. Then just click the colors you wish to capture.  Note that the Capture button goes active once capture 2 or more colors. 

Click the Gradient Capture button.

recommended using with

Instant preview

Preview result in the real time while applying gradients.

Step 4.

Draw gradient mask

Follow the same path to draw the gradient mask. CODIJY will apply the colors to the related areas underneath. 

Step 5.

apply gradient

Apply the gradient, otherwise the next gradient will be applied to the last stroke.   


Step 5.

Process the image to preview result

Click  to Process the Image. Switch to Split view.     


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