Add Live Colors with Gradients

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Some objects will look fine, when you apply solid colors. Others, e.g. faces, objects with perspective, may carry a rich diversity of colorcasts. To reproduce them, you will need to use Gradients - the strokes composed from multiple transiting colors. In CODIJY, you can either use gradients using advanced color picker or capture them from similar looking color photos using Gradient Capture Tool

In this lesson you will learn to use Gradient Capture tool and watch how using a gradient may add depth to a glass of wine - the transparent objects with multiple overtones.

Get Prepared

Download and open (Ctrl/Command+O) the source file. The file contains masks with gradients that already cover the image. Also, you will need to download the original photo. We will use it to train gradinet capture.

Enable the instant preview mode. Use handle to minimize the selection box and move it over the glass top.

Open Gradient Capture dialog.

Now call Gradient Capture dialog (M).

open gradient capture

Open the origial photo. Move the pointer over the area and click to Set the first pin. Move on setting the pins. When you are finished click Capture Gradient.

open gradient capture

Draw Gradient Mask

Now close the Gardient Capture Dialog. If the drawing tools stay grayed out, click somehwere over the Editor (the left side pane).

Enable Gradient Pen Tool (G) and draw the line following the rout as you captured the gradient.

draw gradient mask

Click apply gradient button or press B.

apply gradients

Now enable Gradient Cpature tool again and capture the next gradient.

capture gradient glass

Note: if the previous gradient was not apply the program will warn you, that the new gradient will get applied to the previous gradient mask.

Capture the new gradient (e.g. top of glass), switch to editor and draw the mask over corresponding area. Apply gradient.

draw gradient mask

After you complete working over the glass, it should sparkle with depth and highlights!

Pick a Photo to Train Gradients


It's simple, fun and extremely rewarding! We will guide your first steps with thorough lessons, training examples, inspirational photos and more!