Add solid colors with simple strokes!

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Sketching strokes is the key part of manipulating (adding, changing or removing) colors in CODIJY software.

Let's get the feel of how CODIJY algorithms apply solid colors to simple objects. In this lesson, you will train adding strokes of color (masks) to simple objects in order to see the algorithms in action.

Let's get the image ready!

Download and open (Ctrl/Command+O) the source document. The document contains black and white image and Color History with ready set of colors.

Instant preview mode will help you see the result of your actions in real time. Enable it using instructions.

instant preview box

NOTE: We picked a small-size image to ensure its speedy processing. So you don't have to pick a specific area using a selection box.

Once you enable instant preview the program switches to Split View. Click over the left pane to enable Editor.


Prepare the Pen Tool

Enable Pen Tool (P), set the brush size to 4 pixels and switch to Line mode (L).

set pen

Oultine Tangerines

Pick the first color in the Color History and outline 2 tangerines and the peels in the front.

open history1

Sketching Technique: Draw the line, then click or press Space bar to cut it out and start in the new direction.

Tangerines masks

The Board

The second color is meant for the board. Add a couple of strokes among the peels.

Tangerines masks

Outline the background area with the third color.

Peeled Tangerine

Now sketch the mask within the border of the tangerine.

Tangerines masks


Change the brush size to 1 pixel. Now, draw lines across the streaks of the tangerine. The outline the streaks with base color.

Tangerines masks

Then, outline the streaks with base color

Tangerines masks

Add Highlights

Switch to Color Protect pen (X). Set brush size to 1 pixel and add a few dots to highlights to add a life contrast.

Tangerines masks

Here you go!


Color These Photos using Ready Colors History


It's simple, fun and extremely rewarding! We will guide your first steps with thorough lessons, training examples, inspirational photos and more!