Learn to Colorize with CODIJY

Lesson 1: Apply Solid Colors

Sketch simple strokes and see how colors apply.

Colorize Solid Colors View Tutorial

CODIJY Pro Required

Lesson 2: Apply Gradients

Capture and apply gradients to achieve "depth".

Gradient Capture View Tutorial

CODIJY Pro Required

Lesson 3: Face Colorization

Learn to capture gradients for colorizing the face.

Gradient Capture For Portraits View Tutorial

CODIJY Pro Required

30-45 Minutes

15-30 Minutes

1-1,5 hours

Training Materials: 3 easy photo examples with loaded Color History

Training Materials: 3 photos with sample color images to pick gradients from.

Training Materials: 3 sample B&W photos with color examples to train color capture.

Quick Start Tutorial for Confident User

Colorize a sample photo following brief step-by-step instructions. Learn all core tools and features in one lesson.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian

Synopsys: open file, pick layout, use Pen Tool, color using preset colors, capture gradients, apply gradients.

Add photo colors in CODIJY for Mac & PC

Quick Reference to CODIJY User Manual


It's simple, fun and extremely rewarding! We will guide your first steps with thorough lessons, training examples, inspirational photos and more!