We would like to pay your attention to the modifications we mde for the Save button on toolbar.  Starting from version 3.0, we left Save Document and hide Export to Image feature under the menu.

In version 3.5, the decision was made to bring the export feature back to the toolbar. To avoid unnecessary clutter, Export function was added to the Save button.  So now the Save Button works in two modes.

1st mode. When you click the Save button, it works as Save Document (proprietary .mgd file) and calls the corresponding Save Document dialog.

2nd mode. When you long-press Save button it drops down with Save Documents and Export Image options.

Save button featured

UPD: The recent version 3.5.7 fixes an issue with exporting to image on Mac OS X. If you experience some problems with using saving functions from this button, update to this version.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on whether this enhancement was useful!