We work on Color Magic for over than two years now. We got down to working on it back in the 2013. Color Magic 1.0 was released on April 28th, 2014.

The year, that followed its first version release, we consistently worked on the functional side of our photo colorizing application: tuned its image processing algorithms, improved stability and added new colorizing capabilities.

Today, a couple of weeks prior to the release of version 3.0 – the major redesign of our application we would like to make the brief insight into Color Magic revision history.

Gradient Capture Tool in version 1.3.4

The first update of Color Magic release on June 15th 2014 added ability to capture gradient lines from the color photographs. Gradient strokes is the unique feature of Color Magic. It allows to apply multiple colors and their transitions to the object with complex color structure – faces, waters, skies.
The Gradient Capture tool enabled the users who had trouble with selecting colors for gradients to grab them from similar looking objects on the color photos, by successively pinning the areas. As the result, it helped the colorizing amateurs to create natural-looking without any specific skills in color selection, or using the color picker.

New:  Capture Gradient” tool was added.

New:  Feedback form was added. Now you can send a message for us from the About dialog.

Fixed: Minor issues have been fixed.

Drawing Modes, Color History in Version 1.5.7

The next update in July, 2014 introduced Freehand and Line modes for drawing tools and added Color History. This added the ability to trace back all color selection steps and go back to one of the previously picked colors without undoing all the successive steps.

New: Free Hand and Line mode for every drawing tool

New: Color History was added.

New: Keyboard shortcuts for Inc / Dec of brush size were added.

Updated: the Gradient Pen tool was improved.

Fixed: Gradients can be edited by Undo/Redo.

Fixed: Minor bugs have been fixed and there have been made some improvements on
less memory consumption.

Partial Processing Tool in Version 1.6.1

Working on the large-size image can be time-consuming, especially, if we take into consideration the time required for processing the whole image after every revision.

To save time and improve your colorizing experience we have implemented Partial Processing, Ability to select and process the area you work upon independently!

New: New Partial Processing Tool.

New:Add Polish localization. (special thanks for: Mateusz Kurlit)

Fixed: Minor issues have been fixed.

First Upgrade: Color Magic 2.0.0

Released on January 12th, 2015, version 2.0 has added the  HSB Repaint Tool that allows to manipulate color in HSB space with the help of sliders, by making immediate alterations to the mask.

Overall, the major upgrade was dramatically improved, more stable version that allowed to save memory and work more efficiently!

New: Added Undo/Redo command data contraction.
Save memory by enabling the option that allows you to dump Undo/Redo data to the drive.

New: Image History in Gradient Capture tool has been added
Striving to save memory space, the program caches inactive images to your hard drive. It becomes possible to drag images directly from web browser to the window.

New: HSB Repaint Tool.

New: Ability to set color in WEB HEX format in floating dialog with Color Picker

New: Export History from floating dialog into the Library.

New: Fill Screen Mode.

New: Fast Zoom by rotating the mouse wheel with Ctrl/Command key.

New: New Toolbar allows to export and import Mask into the file independently.

Updated: Gradient Pen Tool now performs three operations:
– Drawing: you can draw the gradient strokes;
– Editing, when you set Gradient Settings;
– Applying: when you apply Gradient settings;

Updated: In Line Drawing mode: Adds shortcut (by def. SPACE) that allows to fix the current segment without interrupting the drawing.

Updated: Possibility to witch between free-hand drawing and line drawing without exiting the drawing mode.

Updated: Starting with Version 2.0.0, the history of used colors and gradients
is stored together with the document file.

Fixed: Application stability improved

Now the time has come to for the new look and feel of your colorizing software!